Latin for "knowledge," Scientia is a completely student-run, predominantly rolling-submissions online publication with an annual copy in print. Scientia was started in 2009 by Notre Dame undergraduate students Matt Reagor and Melissa Harintho.

Scientia's goals are threefold:

  1. Recognize and encourage high-quality undergraduate research.
  2. Provide a forum through which students can gain the essential skills of writing and reviewing to fulfill their future goals.
  3. Contribute to the advancement and cohesiveness of Notre Dame's scientific community.

Scientia achieves these goals through its annual publication and 'Talk Science' seminar series. In the 'Talk Science' seminars, undergraduates and faculty present their research to the Notre Dame community in an informal setting. This seminar not only gives students an opportunity to orally present their own research but also exposes students interested in research to the multitude of research opportunities and disciplines on campus. The publication is a way for undergraduates to publish their research and for publication staff to acquire editorial experience. Scientia is committed and proud to support these endeavors because they both contribute to the vibrant research community at Notre Dame and demonstrate the importance of life-long learning.

Scientia is supported by the College of Science and the Charles Edison Fund.