General Information

Submissions are OPEN for our 2024 journal! We accept articles on original student research (i.e., not a research project associated with a lab for class). 

**Please fill out this form if you are interested in submitting a manuscript (for our records as well as to receive reminder emails). 

  • February 16, 2024 - Submission Deadline for Article Submission and Author Agreement Form
  • February 23, 2024 - Editors Return Submissions as Accepted, Rejected, or for Online Publication

How to submit your article

  1. Download the author submission agreement form
  2. Ensure that you and your professor have read through and signed the agreement form, stating that you will not publish this research elsewhere
  3. Format your manuscript according to the guidelines below
  4. Fill out the submission form by February 16th, 2024


Article Requirements

Look at past Scientia journals for article examples.

  • Author must be an undergraduate student enrolled at the University of Notre Dame.
  • Papers must be submitted in Word format. They must be 5-10 pages long, double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 point font.
  • Main text must contain an abstract (250 words), introduction, materials & methods, results, and discussion sections. 
  • Figures must have captions that include figure number, figure title, and brief description/key: ex. Figure 1. Title. Key and/or description.
    • Figures must be referred to in the main text as: ex. (Fig. 1)
    • Tables do not need captions but must be referred to in the main text as: ex. (Table 1)
  • Confirm that all figures and data have not been previously published, will not be published in a journal other than Scientia, and have been produced by the author(s).
  • References must be included at the end of the paper in a “References” section. References should be numbered, and be referred to chronologically in the text.
    • In-text Citation format: Single reference example: (1) Multiple reference example: (1,2)
    • References citation format:
      1. Hendry, A. P., M. T. Kinnison, M. Heino, T. Day, T. B. Smith, G. Fitt, C. T. Bergstrom, J. Okeshott, P. S. Jorgensen, M. P. Zalucki, G. Gilchrist, S. Southerton, A. Sih, S. Strauss, R. F. Denison, S. P. Carroll. 2011. Evolutionary principles and their practical application. Evolutionary Applications 4:159-183.
  • When submitting, denote which section your article should appear in: Biology and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics and Mathematics, or Health and Neuroscience.