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2012 College of Science Joint Annual Meeting showcases undergraduate research to over 400 attendees

Author: Stephanie Healey


The College of Science Joint Annual Meeting (COS-JAM) attracted over 400 hundred student attendees to the Jordan Hall of Science on Friday, May 4.  Undergraduate students presented their original research in the areas of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Biological Sciences.  Twenty five students gave oral presentations and 102 students showcased their research through poster presentations. In addition, five guest presenters from the Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair for elementary and high school students exhibited their research in the Galleria. The attendance at this year’s event was the largest in the six year history of COS-JAM.

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Undergraduate researchers contribute to new discovery in superconductor metastability

Author: Gene Stowe


Researchers in the laboratory of Professor Morten Ring Eskildsen have recently published the first findings on metastability in the superconductor magnesium diboride (MgB2). The paper, “Observation of Well-Ordered Metastable Vortex Lattice Phases in Superconducting MgB2 Using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering,” appeared in the April 20 issue of Physical Review Letters. Two of its authors, Tommy O'Brien '10 and Kim Schlesinger '11, were undergraduate researchers who had received support from the Glynn Family Honors Program and the summer REU program at Notre Dame.

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