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Talk Science discusses research in mathematics and big data

Author: Shadia Ajam

Mitchell Faulk at Talk Science

The students from Scientia, the undergraduate journal of scientific research, host a monthly seminar series called Talk Science that highlights the work of undergraduate and faculty researchers at Notre Dame. This month’s presenters were senior mathematics major Mitchell Faulk and Nitesh Chawla, the Frank Freimann Collegiate Associate Professor of Engineering in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

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Looking to undergraduates for new ideas in the study of breast cancer

Author: Angela Cavalieri

Katia Fernandez Soto

Katia Fernandez Soto and Andjela Pehar, two science students researching in Jenifer Prosperi’s lab at the Harper Cancer Research Institute, are making strides in the quest to understand the role of the APC tumor-suppressor in breast cancer.

At the Harper Cancer Research Institute, Jenifer Prosperi, assistant professor of biochemistry & molecular biology at the Indiana University School of Medicine - South Bend and adjunct assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Notre Dame, is up against a formidable opponent: metaplastic breast cancer. Fortunately, she’s bringing reinforcements.  


Since 2012, when Prosperi arrived at Harper, two Notre Dame undergraduates have researched cancer alongside her: junior Katia Fernandez Soto and senior Andjela Pehar.

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Over 400 students learn about undergraduate research opportunities at annual research fair

Author: Shadia Ajam

Emily Kunce presents her research at FURF 2013

This past Thursday, October 31, more than 400 students gathered at the Jordan Hall of Science for the annual Fall Undergraduate Research Fair to learn about getting involved in undergraduate research at Notre Dame and other locations. The fair began with a research internship information session led primarily by biological sciences students; followed by student poster presentations of summer research projects and information tables of organizations that provide or support undergraduate research; and concluded with an information session for undergraduate research opportunities in chemistry.

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